We want you to experience the difference that PRAYER will make in your life.


Prayer should be our daily discipline.


There is strength and peace that only comes when you make Prayer a priority. No matter how things appear right now for you, Prayer always makes a difference. 

Here at Mt. Hebron, we look forward to Praying for you!

Our Prayer Ministry, led by Mrs. Climentine Hunt, along with our powerful Prayer Warriors, Intercede everyday for those on our Prayer List and the Mt. Hebron Church Family Prays together every Saturday morning at 8:00am.


At Mt. Hebron, we believe that through Prayer, you will experience the presence of God that brings a peace that surpasses all understanding and power that will transform your life and situation. 

We are here for you and look forward to praying for you and helping you through whatever situation you are faced with.


Fill out the information below and it will be sent to our Prayer Ministry.