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ATTENTION MHBC: This Sunday We will be hosting Sunday DRIVE UP Celebration. You are all welcome to join us as we praise and worship God. together. This service will be held outside of our Family Life  Center @ 10:00AM. In an effort to preserve the health of others and yourself, please remember the following rule. 1. Please keep a six foot distance between your car and your neighbor's car. 2. If you are feeling sick in any way shape or form please STAY AT HOME. 3. Please stay in your vehicle at ALL TIMES. PLEASE NOTE THAT NO PERSON IS ALLOWED TO EXIT HIS or HER CAR FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER. Thanks, MHBC Staff.

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Join us on Wednesday Nights at 7:14PM for Bible Study via Facebook Live!


Virtual Bible Study

With Pastor C. Michael Washington

Adult Sunday School (Call In 609-663-4136) 8:30 AM

Youth Sunday School via ZOOM 9:30 AM: If you would like the login link please email us at: connect@mthebron.org